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iTunes 11 – SUCKS! Bye-bye iTunes DJ

The problem with iTunes 11 is what it lacks, and that is iTunes DJ, the best feature of iTunes EVER, I’m not kidding. More »


iTunes 11 – SUCKS! Bye-bye iTunes DJ

itunes_11Don’t get me wrong, iTunes 11 brings a lot of important features like the UP NEXT feature which allows you to see what songs are going to play next, especially useful when you shuffle songs.

But the problem with iTunes 11 is what it lacks, and that is iTunes DJ, the best feature of iTunes EVER, I’m not kidding. You could make yourself a fake iTunes DJ using a smart playlist and using the mini player to see what’s next in a mini list but it’s not the same because the list is updated every time you play a new song, so even if you liked a few songs from the list by the time the next song is played you’ll get a new list, it’s like scratching you ear with your toes.

Another way iTunes 11 SUCKS big time is that if you’re trying to get back to the latest iTunes 10 you’re library won’t work anymore, so you’re STUCK in iTunes 11 FOREVER. Luckily I had my iTunes library backed up recently and only I had to add a few songs in two minutes, but if you didn’t you’re out of luck because it warns you that the “iTunes Library.itl” file has been modified by a newer version of iTunes and it doesn’t even opens.

I’m sure there are a lot of heavy iTunes users are extremely pissed at Apple for this decision to kill iTunes DJ, and I beg them to bring it back.

Another thing iTunes 11 is missing is Cover Flow; you get a second window with the Album Cover which makes things complicated.

They’ve designed iTunes 11 to make us buy stuff from them more easy, have improved functionality as a music / video player.

Don’t upgrade. If you’re still on iTunes 10 disable automatic updates and backup your database right now. I’m not kidding, RIGHT NOW. I’ll wait…

If you love iTunes DJ as much as I do, I encourage you to sign this petition. Who knows maybe it’s someone at Apple that’s not a complete moron and will listen to our complaints.

2 Responses to iTunes 11 – SUCKS! Bye-bye iTunes DJ

  1. MikeA says:

    What about the aesthetics of the interface? I swear iTunes 11 looks like it was designed by a four-year old. Those of you that are old enough may remember that in the 1980's Apple rocked. Then they fired Steve Jobs and sold overpriced crap that nobody wanted. Steve came back and saved them when they were on the brink of bankruptcy and nobody thought they could be saved. Now Steve is dead and Apple is going right back into the garbage. I give them five years before they're out of business. Look's like I'll be going back to PCs and my plans for an iPad 4 upgrade will be replaced with a Surface Pro. Too bad, it was good run while it lasted.

  2. Patrick Weisser says:

    Removing iTunes DJ and Cover Flow in iTunes 11 were huge mistakes. iTunes 11 is a totally dumbed-down version of iTunes. I mean you can't even open multiple windows anymore. iTunes has been reduced to a single-window modal application, with the really cool signature features and functionality removed. Apple what are you doing? Please undo the damage you have done to what is likely your most important and widely-used application that ties your entire ecosystem together. I have gone back to iTunes 10.7 on my Mac and that's where I'm going to stay until you bring back the missing features. That means I won't be allowing any upgrades on my iPhone 4S, numerous iPads, and Apple TV because I don't want to lose 10.7 compatibility. It also means I won't be buying an iPhone 5 which I was planning to do before iTunes 11 was released.

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